About Us

A Three-Generation Commitment to Quality and to Our Loyal Customers

For over 65 years, our company has remained true to the commitment of our founder H.N. Walsdorf to provide the highest quality healthcare medications and treatments available to our loyal consumers. Privately held, we have headquarters and manufacturing facilities in San Antonio, Texas. We also have research and development facilities in Texas, as well as a commercial office in the Northeast corridor, the hub of the pharmaceutical industry. Now a third-generation company, we manufacture a wide range of prescription medications and over-the-counter products in four expanding therapeutic areas of focus: women’s health, urology, pediatric, and dermatology.

Our focus starts with the selection of superior raw materials, continues through state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and finishes with product packaging that reflects our emphasis on patient well-being. We have an established expertise in solid dose tablet manufacturing that has earned international acclaim.

With a number of new drug development efforts in place and plans to expand our partnership efforts with innovative companies both in the United States and overseas, we foresee the years ahead being both exciting and eventful.

Passion Statement

Committed to introducing innovative, science-based products using our expertise and imagination in research, development, manufacturing and marketing…achieved through the passion and determination of our people.

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Pronunciation & Definition of the Word Pharmacal


Pronunciation: /ˈfär-mə-kəl/